Haunted Key
The Unleashyourdreams Haunted Keys are very limited edition and have perfect balance making your performances easier than before. The keys can be handled freely and look and feel like a real antique key
The size ranges between 5 and 6 inches which is perfect for keys made around the turn of the 19th Century.

Please note that we do not supply any instructions but if you are in need of any help we are happy to help you via mail with performance tips.

There are 4 styles of Key to choose from.

Pictures have an old penny and US 1/2 dollar for scale.

To purchase Keys click on the links under each picture.
Email if you wish to purchase more than one key and are overseas we can discount postage for you.
Haunted Key

KEY  - A

KEY  - B



Uk Buyers  Key D£9.99

Overseas Buyers Key D£14.99

Any questions just drop us an email by clicking

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A review from Ian Harvey "THE HAUNTED KEY...

Having purchased The Haunted Key from Simon at U.Y.D, I can tell you it is much better 'in the flesh' than in the photos. I was amazed at the weight and aged look of the key (it looks as though it really has come from a haunted house) and it is surprisingly easy to control. It can also be balanced on the hand in a more natural looking way than other haunted keys and can be controlled even more slowly than shown on the video.

As always Simon gives great personal service and is always happy to answer any questions and at this price, you really can't go wrong..

UK buyers Key A


Overseas buyers Key A £14.99

UK buyers Key B


Overseas buyers Key B £14.99

UK buyers Key C


Overseas buyers Key C £14.99