Curio - The Box Bizarre
Curio - The box Bizarre




Curio contains the following items.

Actual Coffin Nail made to the spec of original coffin nails from the 1800’s .

Genuine 1888 Penny - Could Old Jack have handled this ?

Triangelon Bottle contains Real Crow’s Bones for casting.

Pendulum Coffin Nail in aged glass vial

The coffin nail is the as would have been used in a child’s coffin in the 1800’s

Benedictine Key - with inscriptions on both sides

Pay the ferryman with Life and Death Tokens.

Quartz Crystals points and tumblestone

Set of five aged teeth

Voodoo wishbone

Vellum Pendulum sheet

Vellum Large Hand sheet

Vellum Hand Reading sheet

Vellum Alchemy Symbol sheet

Aged waxed inner paper wrap to rest items in and protect

Aged Vampiric Inner top box liner

Aged flax string to try all vellum items & box

Aged and waxed wooden box to keep everything in and display.

As per usual if you have any requests just mail us by clicking here

We are always happy to help.

Tokens can be altered to include the words you want provided they will fit on the token.

Vials can be aged or not

Vellum can be pre-creased or not

Boxes all vary slightly due to being handmade.

Coffin Nails / Pendulums are also available separately

Note that the Coffin Nails are PK reactive as are the tokens.

UK Buyers £28.99

Overseas Buyers £32.99

Curio - The box bizarre,containing many items for your performances,readings and story telling.

This is not a magic trick, this is kit of bizarre props that you can weave a story around, introduce into your readings, expand your repertoire. Cast Bones or Teeth. Pendulum readings, Seances, use with a Spirit Lamp - The uses are limited only by your own imagination. Curio!